hey all! confused Dude here… and i have a problem:
What are the red lights of ps3 deathness? what causes it? is the tripe all over the internet true or a slightly darker, yet equally viable explanation that is more obvious then we think???
watch to find out.

PS3 RED LIGHTS OF DEATH- The dark truth…

however, should you be mad enough to A) not be bothered to watch the above video and are greedy enough to want a copy + B) not want to subscribe to the podcast…. “sob”…
then here is the link to download direct to the computer that ye be using :D, acyually scratch that :(, there we are. no subscribe, no happy CD….

subscribing is really easy, i mean, just search playstationchat on itunes, and we’ll be one of the thousands that’ll come up. (the easy way to find us is by looking at the artist- if that’s what you want to call it- Simon Thornton and Confused Dude)
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