E3 2009 SONY ROUNDUP: Part Four

jacks back in town, and he’s telling us about the game by the bloke who made shadow of the colussus and ico. not really interested, so can’t be bothere to analyse, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xF3fED8EXl4 theres the trailor link. although it is slightly generic boy and his dog type soppy stuff.

now we have a gran turismo 5 teaser. AGAIN.

still no release date. bah.

now jack invites a man to talk to us all about GOW III, this could be awesome. “kratos (in irritating american twang voice) soul purpose, was to take venegance on zeus, and all the gods on mount olympus”. looking good in terms of demo. my knowledge of GOW is limited, so i’ll bombard you with images…


by stabbing these things, the appear to fly for you.. i know i wouldn’t, i would consider it quite rude.

ugh! flappy tatty bird lady thing

big centaur thing, time for stabbing?

yep. stabby time.

the qaulity of the video is awful, so i couldn’t get a decent screen shot, but kratos has just snapped off a demons horn thing, and proceeded to stab it in the face. subtle.
and they’re done. it’s due for release march 2010, so look out for it.

jacks back, he says that “this is going to be the best year in playstation history”, ah nostalgia, gotta love it Wink
and thats it! show over.
few… i’ve just trawled through over 117 mins of footage for you guys. i hope it doesn’t fail to upload or something Very Happy
well, with all this stuff coming, i think it’s been a great E3 for Sony, i would give it 8/10 Very Happy
motion sensing, FF XIII, FF XIV, GOW, Assasins creed II, Uncharted 2, The fabulous new psp go and all the great psp titles coming soon including Gran turismo and MGS Peace walker, and finally the excellent looking MAG. awesome line up. awesome show. awesome company. awesome year. i hope you’re as excited as i am Very Happy


oh, and should you want to watch the whole show, no doubt it’ll be on the ps store at some poitn, and i’ll update you on that, but heres a web link for the impatient of you: http://e3.gamespot.com/press-conference/sony-e3/
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