Limbo Review

Limbo is a special game. It’s sweet, scary, emotional, funny, frustrating and intelligent. In the same way critics drone on about how Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are unique in how they make you feel when you experiance them, Limbo did this for me and left me with a stronger feeling of emptiness/confusion/sadness than either of those games made me feel anything at all.But who cares about feelings, right? This is a game, not a meeting for born again Christians, so how does it play? Brilliantly. You play as a young boy travelling through ever changing environments trying to survive many different challenges, from navigating obstacles to outrunning giant spiders to esaping tribes trying to shoot you with blow darts. The gameplay is mainly puzzle-based and each level or section presents a new problem for you to figure out. It feels similar to Little Big Planet and plays like it’s disturbed little brother. It has very simple controls with only two buttons you need to worry about, jump and action. Jump obviously is for the platforming sections, of which there are many that get progressively harder as you make your way throgh the game. The action button handles everything else – grabbing ladders, pulling switches etc. The fact that it is such a simple control scheme and the developer has kept the game interesting and challenging all way through is a testament to their talent.

Another testament to this fact is the way this game looks…

This game is, in a word, beautiful. For a game that exsits purely in the grey scale it looks magnificent. The art style is simple but the animation is silky smooth and never falls over itself. I found myself constantly on edge trying to spot a giant spider leg or some other grim nightmarish creation that has been dreamt up by the developer. You never feel safe whilst Limbo is on; you know how fragile The Boy is and that at any second you could (and probably will) die.

A word of warning though. This game won’t be for everyone. You will spend a large amount of time replaying the same section over and over trying to find the correct way of getting past a particular obstacle. You need patience and sometimes you will simply have to walk away from your PS3 and mull things over before giving it another shot.

From an utterly confusing start where you simply wake upon the floor with no explanation as to what you are supposed to do or where you have to go, to the bewildering conclusion this is an absolute masterpiece, the only negative thing I can say about it is that it is quite short. But when you consider the fact that it’s a buget PSN title, it’s hard to moan.

Everyone should buy this or at least play the free trial. There is simply no excuse not to. We need more of this type of game, but that will only happen if people support the developers making them.

Limbo is a lonely experience, but it an amazing one.


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