Respawning in 3… 2… 1…

Unless you are battling hordes of the undead in a nightmarish zombie apocalypse or, well… don’t have the internet, then you will be well aware of our website difficulties. After being hacked (or something technical like that) the website is now returning stronger than ever! We did, however, lose a lot of posts. At present all that could be salvaged from the burning wreck of dreams and hopes are reviews and podcast posts but do not frett! We will be adding more new articles as often as possible.

Make sure to visit back regularly to get your fill of PlayStation, Simon and Ben (if listening to the podcast is not enough for you).

One further note: If you were writing for this website and need your account back then send us an email explaining who you are and we will return you to your former glory.


About PSRUK Team

This author account encompasses all the staff of PlayStation Radio UK. It is used to post articles or attachments that the whole team has been a part of creating.