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The changes coming to PlayStation Plus were glossed over at E3 despite the fact that they are great. PS+ was already great value for money with thousands of pounds worth of content free every year but it seems things are only getting better for the service.

We can now look forward to getting free full PS3 games instead of the usual PS One classics, Minis or PS2 games. However, Sony have said that: “if a truly awe inspiring minis title or one of the greatest PS one or PS2 titles that ever existed suddenly shows up on PS Store, you can bet your britches that we’ll secure it for you.” Basically, the service will remain the same apart from the type of games they will be giving us.

Now time for a crazy conspiracy theory cooked up in the mind of yours truly. What is the reason for the sudden change in direction for PS Plus? It might just be that there are now enough full games on the store for giving them out to be a feasible option but with the release of the PS4 looming (2013/2014) perhaps there is a more cunning motive. It is safe to say that the next PlayStation will, most likely, not be backwards compatible (you will not be able to put a PS3 disc into the system and play it). But, it is highly probable that PS3 games you bought on the PlayStation Store will be compatible – just like with PS2 games on the current generation of consoles. So why would Sony want to give them away? To sweeten the deal of a new console. A lot of people see no need in a new console because they see games are still getting better and feel developers have not yet reached the limits of the hardware. To combat negative feelings, would it not be a good idea if Sony announced that the over 50 full PlayStation 3 titles they gave to us will be waiting for us on the PS4. Even if the launch titles were weak; we would still have a lot of games on our new system.

I may be talking rubbish but it makes sense to me. We’ll see soon enough whether I am right or not – but if I am, you may wish to buy me cookies.

As a quick side note, do not forget to start downloading any game you get from PS Plus; even if you have no intention to play it or already own it. That way, it will remain in your previous downloads list (meaning you can download it for free even when it is no longer on offer) – even if you cancel the download before it finishes.

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