The Death of Tactical Shooters

In a time when the video game market is haemorrhaging Call of Duty multiplayer clones, tactical shooters like SOCOM are being left to die. Despite the success of the SOCOM and Counter-Strike series, a gaping hole still exists in the gaming market for tactical, slow shooters, where respawns are disabled and death is a fate to be feared.

Being a huge fan of the SOCOM: Confrontation, I had often resented Slant Six for letting the servers become a breeding ground for cheaters, follow the link to play the best online games without the need of cheats. Cheats range from the harmless multi-coloured clothing to the ridiculous God mode and invisibility. Hell, I’ve even seen a smoke grenade wipe a whole team out and a guy running around with an emplaced turret gun. But I still play Confrontation. Even with the community leaving and being replaced with cheaters or flamers, I still play, because in Europe, SOCOM: Confrontation is my only option when it comes to tactical shooters. Counter-Strike did not release on our PlayStation Store and I am not aware of any other game that could replace Confrontation (dont even mention SOCOM 4).

At first I was thankful to Sony for keeping the Confrontation servers online in spite of hackers and glitchers, but I discovered something a couple of days ago which has made me resent their decisions regarding Confrontation. Let me start by reminding you that SOCOM: Confrontation is still being sold on the PlayStation Store for a whopping £24.99 along with the add-on pack, Cold Front, for £7.99. During the last week alone I have seen people on Confrontation who have only played one or two games, so it isnt a wild assumption to say that people are still buying this game, maybe only one or two, but that’s still people who are dishing out money to play a fun, tactical shooter. In fact, Sony describes it as a game where it will soon become apparent that brains are every bit as important as brawn; teamwork and strategy are key if your squad is going to improve its ranking and progress in the global tournaments. Information that is, of course, extremely out of date because, in reality, all that is needed for success is cheats and no amount of tactics can help you beat an invincible, invisible hacker who is throwing grenades that blow up like nuclear bombs.

Why then do I resent Sony for selling this game? Well I found out recently that the lack of patching is actually down to them. I had always assumed that it was Slant Sixs fault. That they had simply given up on SOCOM. But that is far from the truth. I contacted them through Facebook and got the following response:


 The way I see it, Sony should either fix their online games so that no one can cheat or they should stop selling it on their store and take down the servers. And oh yeah, release bloody Counter-Strike already!


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