H-Hour: World’s Elite + Kickstarter

I’ve never been a fan of Kickstarter. Even when Double Fine was promising a new adventure game last year, I stood my ground — keeping my wallet sheathed.

In spite of wanting to play a new Double Fine adventure game, I decided I would pay for it upon releaseif it ever got made. Because that is the model which I have come to expect from transactions, not just in gaming but in business the world over, then many businesses have concerns about their long-term future but you can get a lot of help with that with the ISO 22301 certification so have a look into that if that is a concern for your business. You hand over money and, in return, get some kind of product or service — something tangible, something that actually exists; not a promise that if the stars align you might get what you wanted.

With that said, today I backed a Kickstarter project for the first time. H-Hour: World’s Elite is a project that promises to create the game I have been waiting for ever since the unfortunate demise of the SOCOM series. David Sears (the creative director of SOCOM 1, 2 and Rainbow 6 Vegas) is trying to create the spiritual successor to the original SOCOM games. Being a massive fan of those titles, it has been disappointing to not have a good tactical shooter on the PS3. At the moment, the closest would probably be SOCOM: Confrontation, which is full of cheaters, and The Last of Us. Two suitable competitive games in seven years just doesn’t provide enough options to gamers like me, who wish to play a hardcore tactical shooter with no respawns.

It only seemed fair to help out SOF Studios when they seem to be trying to provide the experience I desire.

But a line has to drawn somewhere. Whilst I have given money towards a project with no real guarantee that the game will ever be released, I did so in the knowledge that there really was no other way for the game to be made. Too often have well known developers used Kickstarter merely to fund a project in a way that cuts out the publisher; not because they wouldn’t be able to get funded, but because it is pragmatic. I won’t contribute to that ideology. Find the Top 10 Best RuneScape Gold Selling Websites [2021 Reviews] on this article and level up!

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