We’ve been nominated as finalists in the inaugural UK Podcasters Awards under the category ‘Best Video Games Podcast’. This isn’t the first time we’ve been nominated for an award, so we’re hoping it’ll be a case of third time lucky! But if not, we’re always happy to remain the Leonardo DiCaprio of video game podcasts.

During 2012 and 2013, our listeners were gracious enough to nominate us in the annual Stitcher Podcast Awards under the category ‘Games and Hobbies’!

Competition was incredibly tough, we bravely faced off against the likes of IGN and NPR, and we were unfortunately unsuccessful in our quest for podcast gold. But the dream lives on – each year we strive to be re-nominated and one day… Well, you never know.

A huge thanks goes out to all our listeners for supporting our inane ramblings!

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